A Summer Adventure

Our camps provide challenging activities which are enjoyable and engaging while aiming to drive personal fitness of both the body and mind. Thanks to our memorable camps, lifetime friendships are formed with like-minded campers who have travelled to our location from all corners of the globe which last long after the camp is finished. Our campers are encouraged to truly immerse themselves in the spirit and ethos of St. George's, which is all about respect, challenge, care and learning.

We offer the following unique camps:

Our Summer Camps provide a first-class summer experience for young people from all over the world eager to have fun, meet like-minded campers, develop their creativity, experience challenges and grow as individuals throughout their time with us. There's no time to waste – contact us today to learn more!


Multi options for our 8-18 year olds to best pick the camp for their passions in sports, creativity and learning.




Leadership Camp - ages 16 - 18 years old




Interactive and creative camps for our younger campers - ages 4 - 7 years old


We offer several different languages for our campers to study and over fifty different activities to ensure that never a moment passes by that can't be filled with excitement! Our excursions and expeditions allow campers to discover other regions around Switzerland too, as well as experience the authentic and welcoming Swiss culture.

How does it work?  

Our camp sessions are available for 2-week periods, with the mornings and afternoons which are split across a range of different activity options, so you can decide the camp most tailored for you. For these tailored sessions, campers are requested to choose one option in each category both in the morning and afternoon.  

All of our Camp options can be undertaken as either a day camper (Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00), or as a residential camper – arriving on a Sunday and departing during the day on a Saturday.

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Morning options  

For these tailored morning sessions, campers are requested to choose one option from the below selection:  

Morning sessions are run from 09:00 until 12:30 Monday to Friday and are then followed by a 1 hour break for lunch, prior to the afternoon sessions commencing.


Lessons are tailored to fit each camper


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths


Computing is a new morning option for this year


Afternoon options  

For these tailored afternoon sessions, campers are requested to choose one option from the below section. Afternoon sessions run from 13:30-17:00 Monday to Friday.

Summer Camp-Lake and mountain
Lake and Mountain Camp

The Lake and Mountain camp is designed for those who love adventure!

tennis camp
Tennis Camp

Sport Spirit are one of Switzerland's most dynamic tennis organisations

C.A.S Leadership Camp:

A unique camp for 16 - 18 year olds to improve their leadership capabilities. This is a fantastic opportunity for all young adults and particularly International Baccalaureate students who have the opportunity to complete their C.A.S. (Community, Action, Service) project by joining a S.D.G. (Sustainable Design Goals) challenge run in association with the United Nations. For more activity-oriented students, they could complete an adventurous journey by land or water. Students will be fully involved in the planning and initiating of the journey and will have to learn the skills necessary to survive and thrive in the wild with the support of our highly trained staff.

Ages 16 to 18 years
Session 1 - 3rd to 16th July (2 weeks)
Session 2 - 17th to 30th July (2 weeks)
Cost: 3'550 CHF - 6'250 CHF

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Why C.A.S. camp?

This is an immersive challenge where students solve real-life problems and develop innovative solutions.

Having the opportunity to complete this project will mean students can log these hours outside of school time while having a fun and enriching experience and leave more time during the academic year for the extended essay and general study.

Evening Activities - Students work collaboratively in their team to complete project work and there will be opportunities to explore Montreux or participate in the camps evening activity program.

Excursions - This is a large part of camp and a time where everyone enjoys creating lasting memories. Examples are Surfing to Alaiha bay surf centre, Indoor skydiving in Sion, or exploring the city of Geneva and Lausanne. The weekend's expeditions are to mountain refuges to spend the night after an adventure and bond as a team.

Nano/Mega Camp:

Nano & Mega day camps are interactive and creative camps for our younger campers. Each week we offer specially designed and themed activities that they will love! Outdoor and indoor activities take place in our unique and welcoming chalet.  

St. George's premium location provides an opportunity for young campers to enjoy plenty of time outdoors, while also able to benefit from local visits and excursions within the natural environments that are literally on our doorstep.

Ages 4-7 years old
Dates: Monday-Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Session 1 - 4th to 15th July (2 weeks)
Session 2- 18th to 29th July (2 weeks)
Session 3- 1st to 5th August (1 week)
Cost: 1,700 chf session 1&2
850 chf Session 3





Multi activity
Songs, group games; snacks; costume design; music workshops; manufacturing of kites, paper flowers; masks etc.  

Local visits
Maladaire beach, Jardin d'Anglais, local farm, cruise on the lake.  

Sharing with parents
Each week we welcome parents to an area in the Chalet Garden to see and share what has been created by the campers.  

Weekly themes
Each week there will be a theme which the activities are based around for example - Nature, Transport, Space, Seasons, etc  

Each day there will be sports organised on our campus.



From 2,875 CHF
Suitable for students: 8-18 years old
We manage the groups as Junior 8-13 years and Senior 14-18years

Choose your summer adventure

Languages & Lake and Mountain Session 1, 2
Session 3
3'050 CHF
1'525 CHF
5'750 CHF
2'875 CHF
Languages & Tennis Session 1, 2
Session 3
3'250 CHF
1'625 CHF
5'750 CHF
2'875 CHF
STEAM & Lake and Mountain Session 1, 2
Session 3
3'550 CHF
1'775 CHF
6'250 CHF
3'125 CHF
STEAM & Tennis Session 1, 2
Session 3
3'550 CHF
1'775 CHF
6'250 CHF
3'125 CHF
Computing & Lake and Mountain Session 1, 2 3'550 CHF 6'250 CHF
Computing & Tennis Session 1, 2 3'550 CHF 6'250 CHF
Nano/Mega Camp

Session 1, 2
Session 3

1,700 CHF
850 CHF


C.A.S Leadership Camp Session 1, 2 3'550 CHF 6'250 CHF

Session 1 - 3rd to 16th July (2weeks) 

Session 2 - 17th to 30th July (2weeks) 

Session 3 - 31st July to 6th August (1week) 

RESIDENTIAL - Sunday-Saturday       

DAY - Monday-Friday 09:00 - 17:00 

Day and residential camp 

  • 30 hours of Languages taught by Oxford certified teachers or 30hrs Steam taught by highly qualified teachers and industry leaders. 

  • 30hrs+ Afternoon sport led by highly trained instructors and teachers 

  • 1 full-day excursion per week (Wednesdays) – Example: Swiss chocolate and cheese Factories, Charlie Chaplin Museum, Addictlab – Science excursion CERN, Olympic Museum – Lausanne. 

  • Lunch and snacks provided 

  • Insurance 

  • End of camp report 

  • Certificate of achievement 

Residential Only 

  • Weekend Excursions – Example: White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Hydrospeed, Hiking, Cultural visits. 

  • Accommodation in our newly renovated boarding facilities, Single and twin rooms, Large Lounge and common areas with comfortable seating, TV, Pool table, Table tennis and reading areas. 

  • Evening activities programme, example- Team challenges, Movie nights, sports, Arts/crafts, Theme nights. 

  • Laundry 1x per week 

  • 3 meals per day plus snacks, supervised kitchenette for preparing snacks. 


  • Airport transfers Geneva Airport 
  • Local Pick up/Drop off transport available (Selected route only) 
  • Private lessons- Languages, Maths, Tennis, Wakeboarding. 


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What is the student to monitor ratio? 

1:10 max however often lower.

Where are the boarding students accommodated? How many students share a room?  

All our campers are housed in St. George’s International School Boarding House. Campers share a room with one, two or three people. Single rooms are also available on request.

Is there a laundry service included in the Boarding House?  

Yes, on arrival all our Campers are given a laundry bag to store their unclean clothes. It will be cleaned by our housekeeping team once per session.

Do the kids need to bring their own bedsheets and towels?

No, bed sheets and bath towels are provided by the boarding house. However, please bring your own towel for the sport/water activities.

Are there any other additional costs we need to consider?  

This is an all-inclusive camp, no extras are needed. However, during the camp, your child will have the opportunity to go paragliding, if you would like this there is an additional cost of approximately CHF 170.—

Which airport should my child fly to?  

Geneva airport, It is an easy 1hr commute to the school

How many children are in each language class?

We have a maximum of 10 campers per language class.

Which language would the students speak during the program?

The main language is English, and the camp will be held in English, however, lots of our staff are bilingual French/English.

How many options can campers choose?

Campers may choose one option for the morning and another one for the afternoon.

How many days a week and how many hours are set aside for sports vs academics?

Our days are equally split with academics in the morning and sport activities in the afternoons Monday-Friday. Over the 2 week period they have 30hrs of academics and 30hrs of sports plus excursions and weekend activities for those residential.

What equipment should they bring for sports? 

Our Camp will provide all the materials and a list of what to bring will be sent to you prior arrival. All Campers will need to bring their swimwear, sports clothes, rain jacket and good mountain shoes. Tennis students will require tennis shoes (our courts are clay and hard).

How much pocket money should be given and is there somewhere safe to store it? 

We recommend CHF 50.— per week. Campers have a private safe in their rooms or the boarding staff can look after it for them and give out certain amounts when required.

If a child has to administer an injection every day before bedtime, can anyone help them with this? 

We have a qualified nurse on site and if help in this type of case is required it can be arranged.

Do the children mix with English speakers on the Campus or in their rooms? 

Room distribution is typically based on ensuring a good mix of nationalities and maintaining the international feel of the Camp. If a family expresses a wish for campers to be roomed together, that can be accommodated. 

Your child/ren must be of good physical and mental health before coming to our camp. All medical information must be supplied in advance so we can take the best care of your children.  

The fees represent all-inclusive cost-covering accident insurance, activities, lessons, accommodation for boarders, and food. It does not cover the transfers from the airport, which the School can supply at an additional cost.  

Registration and confirmation of a place in St. George's Summer Camp will become effective only upon the payment of the Summer Camp deposit. 

In case of expulsion from the Summer Camp, which is due to the breach of the camper's code of conduct rules and regulations, the School will retain the total amount of the camp fees, and no reimbursement can be arranged in this case.

All campers will conduct themselves correctly and acceptably, regardless of age, gender, language, nationality, and religion. The Summer Camp Director reserves the right to send home anyone who's behaviour goes against the school ethos. Any additional costs (such as plane tickets, school property damage, taxi runs, food, etc.) will be at the parent/guardians' expense. Parent/Guardians are expected to pick up their child within 48 hours of having been notified. A Summer Camp handbook with a code of conduct policy will be issued to each camper. 

The Director reserves the right to refuse a student whose medical and allergy condition may represent a risk that is considered beyond the training of the Summer Camp team.  

The possession or consumption of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden both on and off-campus. Any breach of these rules will be seriously dealt with and may result in the student being sent home at their parent/guardian's expense. There is a zero-tolerance policy for this.  

The campers will be provided with a safe in their bedroom or the camp office. The campers are responsible for their belongings, and parent/guardians release the School of any responsibility for damage, loss or theft.  

Please be aware that your child's picture could be used on the school website, in school films, or other school publicity items. If you wish to remove these rights, please let us know when signing the consent forms.

St. George's Campus in Montreux


Our secure and safe campus is located in the residential area of Clarens, near Montreux. It offers beautiful views over Lac Léman and the Alps, with easy access for local and international guests due to our excellent transport connections. We are just 1 hour from Geneva international airport and a 5-minute drive from the mainline train station.

The stunning 5-star lakeside location offers an ample 12-acre campus fully equipped with many facilities, including 3 tennis courts, a football pitch, multipurpose courts, a large indoor sports hall and an adventure playground with zip lines. Thanks to our excellent facilities and impressive location, the campus offers a collection of outstanding elite sports activities like Rock climbing, Wakeboarding, Sailing, Rafting and Canyoning; certainly enough to whet the appetite of any young thrill-seeker!

Our residential guests are welcomed in a home from home environment in our newly renovated boarding facilities, which offer an onsite fitness suite, large lounge area with TV, table football and kitchenette facilities.


Registration and confirmation of a place in St George’s Summer Camp will become effective only upon the payment of the Summer Camp fees within 30 working days. 


a) If cancellation occurs more than 30 days prior to the arrival: refund of 50% of the camp fees. 

c) If cancellation occurs within 30 days of the start of St George’s Summer Camp: no refund of camp fees. 

Until May 30th 

If cancellation occurs due to the following reasons, we will transfer your registration to summer 2023 or offer a full refund of the camp fees (except a deduction of CHF 50.— for the admin charges): Student contracts Covid 19*; Student is obliged to quarantine due to contact with Covid*, Student is unable to travel to Switzerland due to travel restrictions 
*proof required.  

From May 31st 

If cancellation occurs due to the following reasons, we will transfer your registration to summer 2023 or offer a full refund of the camp fees (except a deduction of CHF 50.— for the admin charges): Student contracts Covid 19*; Student is obliged to quarantine due to contact with Covid.*

*proof required.  

e) No refund is possible if for any reason cancellation occurs after the start of the summer camp. 

f) Deposits are non refundable 

We highly recommend parents purchase cancellation insurance in the student's country of residence, in order to ensure full reimbursement for cancellation before the start of the camp, or in case of early departure from the camp due to accident, illness, death of a family member etc. No refund is possible if for any reason cancellation occurs after the start of the summer camp. In case of annulation and cancellation of the camp or non-participation to the camp due to force majeure please consult article 8 of these terms and conditions. 


In case of expulsion from the Summer Camp which is due to a breach of the School rules and regulations, the School will retain the full amount of the camp fees: no reimbursement can be arranged in this case.


All students will conduct themselves in a manner which is correct and acceptable by all, regardless of age, gender, language, nationality and religion. The Summer Camp Director reserves the right to send home anyone whose behaviour goes against the school ethos. Any additional cost (e.g. plane tickets, damage to the school property, taxi runs, food) will be at the parents’ expense. Parents are expected to pick up their child within 48 hours of having been notified.


The possession or consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and/or drugs is strictly forbidden on and off campus. Any breach of these rules will be seriously dealt with and may result in the student being sent home at their parents’ expense.


All medical information should be made clear to the Summer Camp Director and should be signed by parents when registration is submitted.


School and its catering suppliers cannot guarantee that the food provided is allergen-free and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any allergy-related incidents. The Director reserves the right to refuse a student whose medical or allergy condition may represent a risk.


The students will be provided with a safe in the camp office. The students are responsible for their belongings and parents discharge the school of any damage, loss or theft. Damage to property caused by students is the sole responsibility of the parent(s), the legal guardian(s), the Signatory party or any student who has reached the age of 18. Summer camp declines all responsibility in the event of theft, including personal belongings, money, documents, jewellery or other valuables.


St. George’s Summer Camp is not liable for any costs or damages due to delay or non-performance under these General Terms and conditions arising out of any cause or event beyond the School’s control, including, without limitation, cessation of services hereunder or any damages resulting therefrom to the other party as a result of closure of the school or summer camp, power or other mechanical failures, natural disaster, epidemics, terrorism, governmental action or recommendation. St. George’s Summer Camp will not refund any fees or other monies it has received in case of closure of the school for the above reasons. In case of non-participation of the students in the camp due to the decisions of Swiss authorities or Student’s Government authorities to impose general travel bans due to terrorism, epidemics or any other unforeseeable circumstances, St. George’s Summer Camp will credit the student booking or bookings for next year’s Summer Camp. The Credit is valid for the following year’s St George’s Summer Camps and can be transferred only to the sibling of the student. Credit cannot be redeemed as cash. Personal circumstances and individual authority decisions are not taken into consideration for the Credit compensation above.


In the event any provision or part of this Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, only that particular provision or part so found, and not the entire Terms and Conditions, will be inoperative.


In the event of a dispute with regard to any element of these Terms and Conditions, the place of jurisdiction is Montreux, Switzerland, and Swiss law shall prevail. St George’s International School is, however, entitled to initiate legal action before the competent tribunal at the location of the domicile of the parents or legal guardians.