nano camp overview

Nano Camp - Overview

"Nano" for the curious 4 to 5-year-olds and the "Mega" for the adventurous 6 to 7-year-olds. Surrounded by the stunning Swiss scenery, Nano and Mega campers enjoy both on-campus learning sessions and exciting outdoor excursions according to their age group. Hosted in the Chalet, both groups share structured routines and a weekly thematic program. While some activities are shared, the Nano group concentrates on cultivating foundational skills through engaging indoor and outdoor activities. In contrast, Mega campers immerse themselves in more adventurous outdoor experiences, fostering teamwork and a passion for exploration.


In Nanos, our youngest explorers 4 to 5-year-old engage in a world of wonder tailored to their developmental needs while running a varied programme. Focused on a blend of cultural activities and age-appropriate excursions, Nano campers embark on a journey of creativity, language exploration, and playful learning. 

  • Examples of Nano on-campus sessions: cooking, arts & crafts, French / English, STEAM, and multisport.
  • Examples of Nano off-campus excursions: nature walks, museums, chocolate factory, swimming pool games, visit to the zoo, and amusement parks.

MEGA (Adventure)
Mega group follows a dynamic adventure programme designed for 6 to 7-year-olds that combines outdoor exploration and sports, with enriching on-campus sessions of languages and STEAM among others. From thrilling outdoor activities like acrobranching or horse riding to sports such as tennis or rock climbing, Mega Camp offers a holistic experience where education meets adventure.

  • Examples of Mega on-campus sessions: arts & crafts, French / English, STEAM, tennis, football. 
  • Examples of Mega off-campus excursions: swimming pool, indoor climbing, acrobranching, horse riding, lake and mountain activities.

Camp Options

nano camp activities

Activities at Nano Camp

Multi activity

Songs, group games; snacks; costume design; music workshops; manufacturing of kites, paper flowers; masks etc.

Local visits

Maladaire beach, Jardin d'Anglais, local farm, cruise on the lake.

senior residential camp

Sharing with parents

Each week we welcome parents to an area in the Chalet Garden to see and share what has been created by the campers.

Weekly themes

Each week there will be a theme which the activities are based around for example - Nature, Transport, Space, Seasons, etc.


Each day there will be sports organised on our campus

summer camp typical day

Typical Day

  • 9.00 - Welcome activities
  • 9.30 - First activity
  • 10.15 - Break
  • 10.45 - Sport
  • 12.15 - Lunch
  • 14.00 - Activities
  • 15.15 - Snacks
  • 17.00 - Day ends.

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