Summer Camp Terms and Conditions 2021



Registration and confirmation of a place in St George’s Summer Camp will become effective only upon the payment of the Summer Camp fees within 30 working days.



a) If cancellation occurs more than 15 days prior to the arrival: refund of 50% of the camp fees.

b) If cancellation occurs more than 7 days prior to the arrival: refund of 25% of the camp fees.

c) If cancellation occurs within 7 days of the start of St George’s Summer Camp: no refund of camp fees.

d) If cancellation occurs due to the following reasons, we will transfer your registration to summer 2022 or offer a full refund of the camp fees (except a deduction of CHF 50.— for the admin charges): Student contracts Covid 19; Student is unable to travel to Summer Camp due to travel restrictions or quarantine caused by Covid 19; Summer Camp registrations do not reach minimum number required.

e) No refund is possible if for any reason cancellation occurs after the start of the summer camp.

We highly recommend parents purchase cancellation insurance in the student's country of residence, in order to ensure full reimbursement for cancellation before the start of the camp, or in case of early departure from the camp due to accident, illness, death of a family member etc. No refund is possible if for any reason cancellation occurs after the start of the summer camp. In case of annulation and cancellation of the camp or non-participation to the camp due to force majeure please consult article 8 of these terms and conditions.


In case of expulsion from the Summer Camp which is due to a breach of the School rules and regulations, the School will retain the full amount of the camp fees: no reimbursement can be arranged in this case.


All students will conduct themselves in a manner which is correct and acceptable by all, regardless of age, gender, language, nationality and religion. The Summer Camp Director reserves the right to send home anyone whose behaviour goes against the school ethos. Any additional cost (e.g. plane tickets, damage to the school property, taxi runs, food) will be at the parents’ expense. Parents are expected to pick up their child within 48 hours of having been notified.


The possession or consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and/or drugs is strictly forbidden on and off campus. Any breach of these rules will be seriously dealt with and may result in the student being sent home at their parents’ expense.


All medical information should be made clear to the Summer Camp Director and should be signed by parents when registration is submitted.


School and its catering suppliers cannot guarantee that the food provided is allergen-free and therefore cannot accept responsibility for any allergy-related incidents. The Director reserves the right to refuse a student whose medical or allergy condition may represent a risk.


The students will be provided with a safe in the camp office. The students are responsible for their belongings and parents discharge the school of any damage, loss or theft. Damage to property caused by students is the sole responsibility of the parent(s), the legal guardian(s), the Signatory party or any student who has reached the age of 18. Summer camp declines all responsibility in the event of theft, including personal belongings, money, documents, jewellery or other valuables.


St. George’s Summer Camp is not liable for any costs or damages due to delay or non-performance under these General Terms and conditions arising out of any cause or event beyond the School’s control, including, without limitation, cessation of services hereunder or any damages resulting therefrom to the other party as a result of closure of the school or summer camp, power or other mechanical failures, natural disaster, epidemics, terrorism, governmental action or recommendation. St. George’s Summer Camp will not refund any fees or other monies it has received in case of closure of the school for the above reasons. In case of non-participation of the students in the camp due to the decisions of Swiss authorities or Student’s Government authorities to impose general travel bans due to terrorism, epidemics or any other unforeseeable circumstances, St. George’s Summer Camp will credit the student booking or bookings for next year’s Summer Camp. The Credit is valid for the following year’s St George’s Summer Camps and can be transferred only to the sibling of the student. Credit cannot be redeemed as cash. Personal circumstances and individual authority decisions are not taken into consideration for the Credit compensation above.


In the event any provision or part of this Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, only that particular provision or part so found, and not the entire Terms and Conditions, will be inoperative.


In the event of a dispute with regard to any element of these Terms and Conditions, the place of jurisdiction is Montreux, Switzerland, and Swiss law shall prevail. St George’s International School is, however, entitled to initiate legal action before the competent tribunal at the location of the domicile of the parents or legal guardians