Parents Liaison Group


The PLG (Parents Liaison Group) is a voluntary organisation of parents whose role is to encourage closer links between home and school. As well as organising fundraising events, the group has a proactive social function and provides an opportunity for parents and staff to get together.

The Welcome Coffee Morning at the start of the school year is an opportunity for parents to meet each other and exchange contact information. In addition, the PLG hosts an informal coffee morning to enable parents to mingle and make new friends.

PLG Responsibilities

  • The PLG manages a babysitting list and a list of language support links for new families, and have their own Facebook page.
  • The committee meets regularly in the school, and dedicated Class Reps communicate useful information to the parents in their year group via dedicated coffee events.
  • Interested parents are able to volunteer as Class Reps, and there can be more than one Rep per year group. There is also a Boarders’ Rep.
  • In Term I the PLG organises a Family Picnic for all students and the Halloween Party for Junior pupils.
  • In Term II and III, the PLG hosts social events such as Cheese and Wine evenings and Quiz nights.The PLG also organises the termly sale of second hand school uniforms, and helps out with school trips and other events.

If you are interested in joining the PLG, please get in touch.