Bilingual Primary school in Montreux

Our Junior School aims to give your children the very best primary education, preparing them for their future in secondary school and beyond. Our bilingual Junior School experience is designed to immerse pupils in both English and French equally.

We also offer an English pathway for pupils. This is a gentle introduction into bilingualism, rather than a full immersion as provided by our bilingual programme. By having five French lessons a week as well as doing Music and Art in French the children can improve their language skills and grow in confidence at their own pace. Children can transition into the bilingual programme when and if they are ready. Our teachers’ expertise in language acquisition enables every pupil to enjoy learning through experience, while in a caring and supportive environment. We see bilingualism as a process that is unique to every child. 


Bilingual primary school

Junior School

How will your child benefit?

Our Cambridge International Primary programme enables us to offer supportive, individualised and holistic learning opportunities within an exceptional learning environment. 

Your child’s needs as a learner are at the heart of our approach to education. Our pupils are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. 

Our pupils develop awareness and appreciation of local, national and global issues, learning about their important role to shape our ever-changing world.  

As your child as they take their first steps in education, our Cambridge International Primary programme offers a robust foundation with excellent curriculum progression. 

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Language Pathways


Children may join us at any time with various levels of development of English and French.  A bilingual English French pathway as well as an English pathway cater for all needs.  

Our school values Home Language(s) and facilitates learning opportunities in class and outside of school to develop these. 

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Our teachers’ expertise in language acquisition enables every child to enjoy learning through experience and in a caring and supportive environment.  

We see bilingualism as a process that is unique to every child. 

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Measuring progress


Accurately measuring your child’s potential and progress can transform learning. Through robust and rigorous computer-based assessments we measure progress, benchmark potential and identify needs. Classroom assessments and feedback enables your child to celebrate ‘what went well’ and to identify clear steps for further improve.

Our pathway leads seamlessly from our Junior School to Middle and Senior Schools. Each stage builds on the learners’ development from the previous one or from other educational systems. 

Lower Junior Year 1 Timetable

Upper Junior Year 2-3 Bilingual Timetable

Upper Junior Year 2-3 English Pathway Timetable