IB Diploma results 2022

The IB Diploma Programme is a challenging two-year curriculum aimed at pupils aged 16 to 19. This IB qualification is welcomed by leading universities around the world. Our university counsellor is available to guide learners with their subject choices and to provide information about universities.


Pass Rate


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Top IB school in Switzerland

As a school with a personalised learning approach and a unique variety of co-curricular programmes, we are incredibly proud of our reputation as a top IB school in Switzerland. We celebrate our 2021 graduates with our highest ever IB average of 37.1. All twenty-nine pupils earned their IB diplomas through examinations. The global average for 2021 was 33.02 points, a score our pupils have achieved and surpassed. 

Historical data

2019: 32.4 IB average, 42 highest point, 100% Pass rate 

2020: 35.4 IB average, 43 highest point, 100% Pass rate 

2021: 37.1 IB average, 45 highest point 100% pass rate 

2022: 36 IB average, 44 highest point 100% pass rate 


Success Stories

Pavan joined St George's International School in Year 10 quickly proving herself to be a thoughtful and compassionate member of our community. In the next chapter of her adventure, she will be studying Biomedical Science at King's College London.

— Pavan, IB Pupil Cohort 2022


"A huge and well-deserved congratulations to a fantastic group of pupils, who proved the value of coming together in the face of adversity. These challenges only served to bring out their diverse and impressive talents. As a cohort they have been truly unstoppable and I wish them continued success in their next adventures."

— Emma Blythe, Head of Senior School

IGCSE Results 2022

Congratulations to our IGCSE cohort of 2022. They have achieved outstanding results, with the highest percentage of top grades in the history of St. George's. These pupils have navigated two years of COVID disruption and still performed at the top of their game. The value of IGCSE success is undeniable: it is the most rigorous preparation for future IB success and one which gives an early university application advantage.


Achieved A*


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Achieved A*-C


Pupils persevered with continuous learning and were supported with outstanding teaching throughout lockdown. In a demonstration of our teacher’s flexibility and resourcefulness, digital learning platforms provided access to high-quality lessons for all learners during a period of turbulence. These pupils are well-prepared to overcome the challenges of life and achieve great success in the IB Diploma Programme over the next two years. We look forward to continuing to support them as they learn from their experiences and embrace the rest of the academic journey with resilience and confidence. 


Success Stories

Marina has been at St George's since 2018 and her passion, determination and diligence as a student helped her attain a fantastic 10 A*s. A brilliant performance from an exemplary pupil.

— Marina, Pupil