A centre of excellence

Founded in 1927 by two Oxford University graduates, St. George’s International School is a centre of excellence for academics, sports, and performing & creative arts. 

School Principal Dr Norris

A warm welcome to St. George’s School on behalf of our truly international community. With no less than 60 nationalities, we are a school with a powerful and progressive outlook on the world. 

Our pupils thrive in the aspirational, dynamic, first-class environment of St. George’s. Supported by talented teaching staff, we offer a world of educational opportunities across academics, performing and creative arts, and sports: the three pillars of our educational vision. 

Founded in 1927 as a centre of excellence, St. George’s has gone from strength to strength, setting a new standard in educational innovation. Our outstanding academic results open competitive life pathways for our pupils. Our commitment to their holistic development encourages the key skills and attributes that give our pupils the edge in life beyond school. 

Offering both Boarding and Day schools programmes, we enjoy a diverse and inspiring community, and I warmly invite you to visit us to explore this inspiring place. 


— Dr Ruth Norris , School Principal

From 18 months to 18 years

Our pupils range from 18 months to 18 years, with boarding available from age 10 upwards.  

Pupils follow the Cambridge International curriculum up to IGCSEs. This provides rigorous academic preparation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Our results for the IBDP are outstanding and place us in the top 5 IB schools in Switzerland. 

From beginners to native speakers, all pupils learn in a bilingual English and French environment and are encouraged to continue to develop their language skills throughout their education. Additional support is given to non-English or non-French speakers via our Language Acquisition Programme. 

Our Mission Statement

Founded in 1927, St. George’s International School combines its well-structured, traditional ethos with academic excellence in an international environment. Enjoying a safe location, our whole school community fosters mutual respect and understanding whilst cultivating individual talents and potential.
As stated in our motto, "Levavi Oculos", St. George’s International School encourages students to lift their eyes and recognise positive qualities within themselves and others and to nurture a caring and dynamic attitude in today’s demanding world.


Our Vision

  • To respect and value each student's individuality and ability
  • To challenge, stimulate and encourage students to pursue goals
  • To enable the development of physical, social and affective potentials
  • To promote awareness of our multilingual society reflected in the breadth of the curriculum offered
  • To foster intellectual curiosity and develop a desire for lifelong learning
  • To empower confidence and critical thinking
  • To provide a caring, supportive and nurturing environment
  • To reinforce social responsibility and a concern for and appreciation of others
  • To equip students both academically and socially for progression to universities and other institutions of further learning and the world beyond
  • To cultivate an appreciation of diverse cultures


Our Values

  • We provide a structure of sport, academic and pastoral support for both day & boarding students within the school through the House and Tutor system
  • We have established a discipline structure which gives stability and reinforces positive and praise-worthy attitudes with our Prefects and Monitors as role models
  • We work closely with parents in order to foster strategies to assist, help and advise students
  • We acknowledge different learning styles and offer effective assessment to identify and develop students' qualities
  • We monitor students and provide assistance for those who require support in their learning
  • We encourage involvement in all aspects of school life and provide opportunities for students to contribute to the local community
  • We continually revise the co-curricular programme so that it reflects the students' interests and allows them to develop initiatives whilst maintaining a balance between academics, sports, creative activities and community service. We promote knowledge, understanding, acceptance and respect for other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles
  • We endeavour to provide appropriate facilities and materials for effective learning to take place within the classroom and beyond it
  • We recruit and retain an internationally-minded faculty and staff of the highest quality and encourage their continued professional development
  • We prepare students for Cambridge International Examinations' IGCSE examinations, the International Baccalaureate Organisations' Diploma Programme and our High School Diploma Programme

Learning Principles

At St. George’s International School, we are…



We are full of wonder about the world and we want to understand and explore the beauty and diversity of life.
We nurture our natural curiosity to become lifelong learners.
We contribute our own interests and prior knowledge to school activities.


We make responsible decisions and we show integrity and pride in all we do.
We are aware of the needs of others and we show empathy, compassion and respect in our interactions with them.
We use critical and creative thinking skills to expand our learning.


We balance our commitments to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
We organise our time and tasks in an effective manner.
We are mindful of our own character and feelings and of those in our community.


We see the acquisition of knowledge as a journey.
We step out of our comfort zone.
We embrace challenges that need to be overcome.


We acknowledge that for effective learning to happen within a spirit
of cooperation, everyone's role is equally important.
We promote team work to enhance our experiences and explore big ideas together.
We encourage dialogue and feedback to ensure effective learning.


We value time to reflect on our successes and challenges.
We reflect on our progress and identify strengths and targets for improvement.
We recognise the tools we need to use to develop and seek advice to make the best choices.

Intercultural Learners

We encourage all learners to bring their whole self, identity and background to each learning experience. We consciously nurture the contribution of every learner to the richness and diversity of our community. We are attentive and respectful as we learn from the experiences of others.

Global Citizens

We are part of a global network knowing that our actions affect others throughout the world.
We have a responsibility towards each other, life and the planet.
We live in the moment, proud of our traditions and aware that our choices today define the future.

Innovative approach to education


At St. George’s International School, our progressive and innovative approach to education elevates us and ensures our pupils are well prepared for a rapidly changing world. 

Situated in an inspirational setting between lakes and mountains, our school community is founded upon mutual respect. The safety and well-being of all members of the school are at the heart of our ethos.



Lorna Violet Southwell and Osyth Potts, two Oxford University graduates founded St. George’s School. The first class of pupils joined St. George’s having lessons on the lakeside before moving to the newly opened building.


The land that the school now occupies was purchased in 1928 and the school building opened in January 1931. It has the distinction of being the first with a purpose-built school building in Switzerland.


During World War II, the school split with one half taking up residence in Shropshire, UK. Houses have always been an integral part of school. The first Houses were Diana and Minerva followed by Atalanta in 1938. More recently in the 21st century, Vesta was added. The House shield is keenly contested through a series of events: sports, maths, drama, music and art.


Various additions and extensions have taken place including the modern languages wing in 1958, the library in 1977 and the Sports Hall in 1987. Science labs and a new dining room have been built and a later addition including a new block of classrooms above.


A momentous occasion for St. George’s when boys were first allowed to enrol.  

The class had 10 boys.


Built to commemorate the 75th anniversary in 2002, the Henge is a popular area used as an outside classroom, a place to reflect and where pupils congregate.


St. George’s became a member of the CIS (Council of International Schools).


St. George’s first International Baccalaureate (IB) cohort.


The school became part of Inspired Education Group, the leading global premium schools group, offering excellence to over 70,000 pupils in over 80 schools worldwide.


The crèche opened enabling the school to provide the opportunity to educate children from the age of 18 months to 18 years.


St. George’s celebrated 90 years of excellence in education. Alumni gathered together to reminisce and to celebrate the new beginnings for St. George’s.


Sport Etudes was introduced offering a bespoke programme for outstanding talent to those passionate and committed to their specific sport.

At St. George’s International School, we prepare our pupils to succeed in life.