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A Year as Head Prefect

People always say time flies when you’re having fun. A big part of being the Head Girl of this academic year felt exactly like that. Reflecting on this academic year could be a nostalgic experience, but instead, I find myself filled with a great sense of joy, fulfilment and pride. 

Head girl St. George's

This is mainly due to our incredible Head Boy, Leo who supported me in every way, whether we were giving speeches together or printing out duty timetables.  Working alongside him always reminded me of what an honour it has been to have been awarded this role. 
Thanks to an outstanding team of Prefects and Monitors, who accepted me as their team member, approached me with thoughtful ideas and showed initiative in all endeavours.  We were able to maintain some normalcy in our school environment, but also encourage change, as the rest of the world around us, kept changing every single day.
Lastly, Dr. Brooke, as well as Ms. Aviss, guided us in an admirable manner. Under all circumstances we felt considered and supported in our efforts to improve our St. George’s community. Due to the help of these two exceptional mentors, we could work efficiently and from the heart.
Even though my time at St. George’s flew by before I could grab a hold of it and let precious moments last a bit longer, being Head Girl was an honour, a pleasure and an unforgettable experience I will always cherish. Being given a chance to contribute to our small community, which means so much to me, was a dream come true. 
Therefore, I  thank St. George’s for all the valuable experiences. I will carry them with me and let them guide me to a greater path in the future. Moving forward and entering a new community will be challenging, but I feel well equipped and supported. I hope everyone joining our school will have as much fun as I did.