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Wellbeing at St. George's

Hello everyone! Welcome to St George’s new Wellbeing Blog, run by your two new Wellbeing Prefects - Nicole and Sofie. We’d love to tell you about us and introduce ourselves so that you feel like you know us a bit better! In addition, we want to share with you our upcoming plans and ideas to improve wellbeing at St George’s.  

Wellbeing students

Who are we?  

We are currently both Year 12 students, each studying the IB diploma with a prominence given to sciences. Nicole is passionate about giving back to others and caring for others and hopes to study medicine in the future. She especially enjoys charity work and helping out with the younger students in school.  

Sofie is an incredibly motivated student, with many talents such as being a flute player and an exceptional baker. She hopes to go on to study something within the scientific field at university.  

What are we doing for St. George’s community? 

Alongside this blog, we will be running several projects throughout our time as Wellbeing Prefects. We hope to create a Wellbeing Room which will be up and running in time for Autumn Term. A Wellbeing Room is a safe space in school intended to provide students with an opportunity to focus on reducing stress and anxiety, and the development of healthy coping strategies and self-care. This space will not be solely limited to students but encouraged to be used by teachers as an alternative area to be calm and relax.  

Furthermore, we want to create a listening bench for the Chalet and organise a Tutor Time Programme, which will complement topics covered in Life Skills lessons such as sexual harassment, coping with exam stress and healthy habits. In the future, we aim to run a Wellbeing Club during which we will introduce and teach exciting and engaging activities related to both mental and physical health such as meditation, sketching, journaling, poetry, gardening, and many more!  

Finally, we’d like to say a big thank you for taking the time to learn more about our wellbeing endeavours and make sure to look out for our weekly articles on wellbeing, as we will have several guests and special speakers providing tips and tricks!  

Until next time!  

Nicole and Sofie