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Student Leadership Conference

After months of intense preparation, the first Inspired Student Leadership Conference was held virtually on April 22nd and 23rd. This conference, which has been led and organised by Inspired students, left everyone motivated and keen to make a difference in their local and, hopefully, the global community.


The event consisted of different online activities related to the environment on the first day, since this was ‘Earth Day’ and a student leadership day on the second day. 

Students from all over the world participated in the conference, creating a truly multicultural atmosphere. Workshops, debates, and talks were held that explored both the problems and solutions associated with the environment and the importance and impact of leadership in human societies. 

In addition, sessions were delivered by leading personalities from the world of environmental protection and leadership; examples include Michael Mann, the EU ambassador to the Arctic; Fuencisla Clemares, CEO of Google in Spain and Portugal; and Roberto Martinez, the current Belgium football manager.

The conference has been a complete success, both in the organisation and in the event itself. A multicultural atmosphere was created, which gave rise to the sharing of different ideas, opinions, and perspectives. Moreover, this has taught us all the art of teamwork, even when thousands of kilometres separated the participants the possibility of learning from one another arose, and many discussions took place about crucial issues that are affecting our world today. 

Leadership is a skill, and like any skill, it needs to be developed through practice and training. This conference has allowed us to become more confident in ourselves and unafraid to take on daunting challenges. For those of us organising it, it has tested our leadership skills to their limits, but it has helped us grow into more resilient individuals. Moreover, in our multicultural atmosphere, we have torn down cultural barriers and developed a positive and constructive atmosphere where we could work together in an organised and efficient way. For those participating in the conference, it has been a hugely enriching and rewarding experience where we had the opportunity to meet amazing young leaders from all over the world.

Finally, we would like to say thank you to Inspired students from around the world for taking part and making our first ever conference such a success.

Student Marketing Team
Student Leadership Conference 2021