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St. George's Half Term Camp

Half term winter camp at St. George's International School


Many are saying that spring is around the corner and it certainly did feel like it this week. The February camp was kicked off with snowfall on the school grounds. This set the precedent for the week. Followed by sunshine, it was a brilliant week for winter sports, relaxing and a little bit of homework for good measure. The beginning of the week simply involved eating, sleeping and some light exercise in the sports hall. Some blockbuster movies were played and much bubble tea was drunk (dont worry if you don't know what this is, I only found out this week).

Our first winter activity was snowshoeing up in the local mountains. Some have done this previously on the Winter Camp however, for many, this was a new entity. Led by our two in-camp International Mountain leader, they headed for the hills, soaked up the sun and absorbed the fresh air.



After getting the legs working, the students were keen to head out skiing the next day. The look of horror on their faces when we told them the waking time was soon wiped away as we were sliding down the slopes at a beautiful ski resort in the Swiss Mountains. We made the most of the day, filling all of the available moments with the excellent ski instructors. This does make for tired legs so the next day we opted for an activity that mostly involves sitting down.



The luge. Imagine a wood pallet, saw it in half, screw some metal rails on it and Hey Presto! You have a luge. We all jumped on board our sledge’s and rode the 7 km, purpose built track until our sides were splitting with laughter. Everyone enjoyed it so much, we couldn't resist a second lap. Those familiar with physics and eager for more speed doubled up for some more weight and shot down the track. World records may have been broken!



Some parents may have been alarmed when the students reported back saying they had shot a gun on the 6th day of camp. However, shooting is an essential part to Biathlon. A combination of cross-country skiing and target shooting. A brilliant morning was had, learning about the history of the sport, understanding the techniques and honing in on the very small targets. We had some fantastic ‘markswomen’ but not so many ‘marksmen’!



The great thing about skiing is it takes you to all corners of Switzerland. For our second day skiing, we went to a new resort which none of the students have been to, we met up with the ski instructors and had a fantastic time exploring the new resort. The students are developing so well and the camp staff had a cracking time skiing too. A sign of a good day when all the students are fast asleep in the back of the van. We managed to fit in one final piece of fun before heading back to relax and prepare for the upcoming term. Some students, not all, went to the Tobogganing Park in Leysin. Imagine a big tractor inner tube, well that is your toboggan. Then simply slide down the purpose-built tracks of varying steepness. Reports came back that only 2 students did the steepest run! I wonder if you would do it? Not many people do.



A new term begins and the next camp planning has already begun. Maybe see you at the Easter Camp.