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Coding Club

Code and Creative Computing Club

coding club St. George's

For students passionate and excited about the possibilities of technology, St Georges School Code and Creative Computing Club aims to fuel their enthusiasm with the latest knowledge on advanced technologies. St Georges Code and Creative Computing Club enriches students’ learning experiences by providing them with the opportunities to communicate their thoughts and ideas and to be creative.

What do we do?
We create games, web pages and programs using online tutorials as they are a great way for students to learn new skills at their own pace. We use different programs such as Scratch (game creation),  HTML (webpages) and Python (coding).

Comments from students

Hersh Year 6: 

This is one of the few things that I’ve done in Coding and Computing. I am currently learning about Python (as shown) and am really loving it ❤️! I think this club is really good if you want to create a game or if you just want to start programming with Python, Scratch and HTML. I personally like Python because there isn’t much to it unless you get to the higher and more advanced part of it.

Student coding

Jonjo Year 9: 

I have learnt how to make the basics of a game, such as a scene and a controllable player. I have been using a program called ‘Unity’ to make the game and, so far, I have made a simple map and a controllable player. I like this club because it allows me to learn how make a game and I’d recommend this club if you like computing or want to learn a new creative skill on a computer.

Coding student