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Athlete Friendly Education Centre

We are delighted to announce our accreditation as an Athlete Friendly Education Centre

St George's accreditation

St. George's joins a global network of like-minded schools committed to providing flexible learning pathways and specialised services to student-athletes. Sports at St. George's plays a crucial element in the daily lives of all our students!

Mr Gillan, the Academic tutor for Sport Études, shares his thoughts on the school's experience of going through the AFEC accreditation process: 

“Our Sport Études programme has grown over the past couple of years but it was clear that AFEC accreditation would help us to develop this. The process was well explained and open and we quickly built up a great relationship with Anne Louise at WAoS. Although it is time-consuming to gather all the documentation, it allowed us to review the procedures we have in place. There was then great advice as to how we could develop these procedures and improve our existing support structures for our student-athletes. It was unfortunate that the accreditation team could not visit in person for us to show our beautiful campus, but the online day worked well and the friendly and supportive team gave us a real boost to move forward as an AFEC. The highlight of the day was for our students who were able to meet such high achieving athletes on the accreditation team and be inspired through their discussion. It is clear that the accreditation process is just the beginning of a close and long term relationship between schools and the WAoS and we are really looking forward to being part of the group.