About St. George’s International School Library

Library mission

The library of St. George’s International School exists for the use of its student body. Our mission is to provide students with information resources, tools, and skills to achieve their personal, academic, and professional potential. We aim to establish a foundation for students to become active and productive participants in a global community of mutual respect and understanding.

Library vision

The vision of St. George’s International School Library is for the library to become a central focus of the school community. Through the incorporation of traditional and digital resources, information literacy instruction, and new and emerging communication and information technologies, the library will function as an information-technology-learning hub that supports the school’s educational philosophy and prepares students to study and work effectively in the 21st century.

Library website goals

The St. George’s International School library website aims to:

  • Provide access to library resources and internet information sources that support library goals
  • Encourage and promote usage of library materials

Library website development policy

Criteria for selection of resources:

  • Educational significance
  • Contribution to the interests and well-being of the students
  • Favorable reviews found in standard selection sources
  • Favorable recommendations based on examination by professional personnel
  • Validity, currency, integrity, and appropriateness of material
  • Fair, unbiased presentation of information
  • High degree of potential user appeal
  • Positive user experience (few ads, intuitive functionality, modern design)
  • High artistic quality and/or literary style
  • Emphasis placed on quality rather than quantity of information
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Library hours

Monday – Friday

8h30 to 17h00

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