The International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is an exciting self-development programme available to all 14 to 25 year olds. Over 11 million young people worldwide have taken up the Award challenge. The Award is tough but it is about individual challenge, not about reaching specific standards set by someone else. Young people design their own Award Programme, set their own goals, and record their own progress. The only person they compete against is themselves, by challenging their own beliefs about what they can achieve.

There are four parts to the Award, students must complete and record all sections to pass.

  1. Skills 
    Students choose something that they are learning or want to learn, they develop the skill and record the progress

  2. Service
    Students decide on a service that they can provide to help the local community; this is voluntary and could include working in a charity shop or helping others in the local area.

  3. Physical Recreation
    Activity Students choose a sport that they do or would like to start and record their own progression and improvement

  4.  Adventurous Journey
    Students will work as part of a team to complete a demanding journey on foot. They plan the route and are completely self sufficient for the duration.



How long does it take to complete the Bronze, Silver and Gold Award?

The award cannot be acheived in a shorter time span by working more intensely; the objective is to develop a sense of commitment to a given task over time.  Participants must persist for at least these minimum periods:

Level  Minimum period of participation by
Direct entrants Award holders
Bronze 6 months not applicable
Silver  12 months 6 months (if Bronze holder)
Gold 18 months 12 months (if Silver holder)


There are three levels of the Award; Bronze, Silver and Gold each level is more demanding that the one before.

Age Physical Recreation Skills Service  Plus Adventurous Journey
Bronze 3 months 3 months 3 months All participants must do an extra 3 months in either Physical Recreation or Skills or Service 2 days + 1 night
Silver 6 months 6 months 6 months Non Bronze holders must do an extra 6 months in either Physical Recreation or Skills or Service 3 days + 2 nights
Gold 12 months 12 months 12 months Non Silver holders must do an extra 6 months in either Physical Recreation or Skills or Service 4 days + 3 nights


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