Welcome to St. George's International School

The school is built on proud and honourable traditions, having been founded exactly 90 years ago by founders who were both visionary and far-sighted in aspiring to build a centre of excellence which would provide for and care for everyone within its community. And what a vibrant and truly internationally diverse school St George’s is; with students from no less than 60 nationalities coming together to form a uniquely diverse and inspiring community of young people. The exciting Boarding and Day school programs blend together as one and the school continues to be visionary in its goals and achievements.

This vision accords exactly with my own educational beliefs and ethos. I believe that a school should be about providing an outstanding experience for its students in supporting all elements of their learning and being sensitive to and catering for every individual's developmental needs and educational requirements.

All schools need to be academically outstanding and successful but they should also provide a full and total experience in ensuring that artistic, sporting and social opportunities are high on their agenda and fully provided for and integrated within their curriculum.

Students need to be fully equipped to be successful in their chosen careers but, additionally, they need to be taught the skills which enable them to become compassionate and caring members of their communities.

It is education as a full and holistic experience which drives and excites me and I aspire to ensure that our students look back at their time at St George's as numbering amongst the happiest and most fulfilling days of their lives.

Of course the success of any school is built on partnerships. So, it is the partnerships that we value and enjoy between our students, staff, parents and the local community that we must continue to build upon and must succeed on all levels, in order that the full potential of the school can be realised.

There is no room for complacency and although a great deal has been achieved during the 90 year history of our school, there is always more to do, different ways of doing it and even more to aspire to and reach for.

It is this new chapter in St George's history that I am proud to be associated with and I look forward to celebrating our future achievements with all who value and support this very special school.

Jenny Aviss