St. George's Junior School (ages 3 to 11) broadly follows the British National Curriculum, with progressive bilingualism in English and French. Through progressive bilingualism, an inquiry-based approach and integrated learning, the Junior School grows thinking students fit for the 21st Century.

At St. George's School in Switzerland, your child's curiosity and natural enthusiasm are nurtured and supported through our family ethos, small classes and individual attention.

Year Groups Overview

  • Lower Junior School


    The Lower Junior School  

    Foundation Stage has seven areas of learning and development:

    • Personal, social and emotional development
    • Communication & language
    • Literacy Mathematics
    • Understanding the world
    • Physical development
    • Expressive Arts & Design

    Each area of learning has early learning goals that set out the skills, understanding, knowledge and attitudes which it is hoped children will reach or exceed by the end of Foundation Stage. Children will be at different stages of progress towards these goals depending on their age and stage of development.

  • Upper Junior School


    The Upper Junior School  

    At St. George's International School in Switzerland, we believe that learning should be fun and that happy children learn best. We encourage your children to question, think and value the process of enquiry. Our curriculum is enquiry-based and we aim to integrate common themes across the following subject areas: music, information technology, learning support, English, mathematics, science, French, topic, physical education, art and craft, and international mindedness. French, General Science, topic (Geography and History), Information Technology, Music, Art, and Sport are included in the curriculum.

    Children are assessed at the beginning and end of the academic year in literacy , numeracy and French in order to assess each student's academic effort and achievement. Towards the end of Year 6 the students are given detailed advice and information regarding the next stage of their academic programme in Lower Secondary School.  

Age group

Lower Junior

Year 1 : 5-6 years old
Year 2 : 6-7 years old
Year 3 : 7-8 years old

Upper Junior

Year 4 : 8-9 years old
Year 5 : 9-10 years old
Year 6 : 10-11 years old


Lower Junior School

Early Birds

Start of the school day

Learning Session 1

Learning Session 2


Learning Session 3


Learning Session 4

Learning Session 5


Games/ Activities

End of the school day (Lower Junior)

Late Owls

Higher Junior School

Learning Session (Upper Junior)
Activities/Late Owls

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