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The St George’s boarding experience: your child in our family

“Life is what happens when you’re planning other things.” In this modern world, John Lennon’s words have never rung more true. It is incredibly difficult for parents to create a reassuring, dependable environment that will allow children to flourish when other demands on them are so high.


When life gets busy, it’s often our children who have to wait longest for our full attention, creating unhelpful distance and parental guilt within families. One solution is boarding, and it’s an ideal solution where everybody wins.

St. george boarding students


The benefits of boarding

Life is demanding, and even the most hands-on parents can, at times, be too busy with career or other pressures to be the parents they imagined for their young family. This is incredibly stressful for both parents and children, and may impact not only on family relationships, but young people’s attitudes to learning long-term. Happily, boarding can resolve this heartache, by providing a nurturing home from home that not only delivers a world-class education, but the 24-hour support of a caring team professionally trained in pastoral care. Children feel cherished, live alongside close friends, enjoy a nourishing daily routine, and as a result, are in the best possible position to succeed academically. Family time at weekends and holidays becomes just what it should be – attentive, loving, quality time.

Why Switzerland

The benefits of boarding are clear, but why Switzerland? Switzerland is invariably cited as one of the world’s safest countries, ranking highly on the Global Peace Index[1]. This multi-lingual nation is diverse, cultured, and organised; the perfect place to call home. Literally in the heart of Europe, boarding in Switzerland creates the perfect base for families, and particularly for those parents whose careers demand frequent international travel. In addition, families already settled in France, Germany, or even London might consider weekly boarding in Switzerland for their child, as flights to these destinations are frequent and short. Switzerland’s central location also makes the best of free time, as families can easily explore Europe within just a short flight or even a manageable drive. But, perhaps most important for boarding students is the tranquillity afforded by our school’s location within Switzerland. St George’s is set against the stunning backdrop of the Swiss Alps and nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux. This setting promotes intellectual calm and a deep connection to the outdoors, with incomparable opportunities for hiking, skiing, water sports and more

St. George's Campus in Montreux


Boarding on your terms: flexi-boarding

For even the most organised parents, life rarely goes entirely to plan. For parents with busy work schedules or other commitments, flexi-boarding can provide the agile support they need for their children. Should parents’ plans change unexpectedly, day students can board at school as and when required. The arrangements are entirely flexible – this can be a one-off stay to cover a childcare shortfall, or a regular commitment; whatever is most helpful to families. During their stay, your child will benefit from the reassuring patterns of school, with regular homework, mealtimes, and bedtimes. It’s a valuable snapshot of what University might also look like, as they learn to be just a little more independent – but with the comfort of sensitive and professional pastoral care round the clock. Flexi-boarding can also give your child a welcome break from tiring commutes to school, or periods of unsettling change at home, allowing them to rest within a familiar structure, and make the most of their working week. And let’s not forget the fun! Flexi-boarding can feel like the ultimate sleepover for day students, as they relish the chance to stay with friends, take advantage of scheduled clubs and activities, and get a true taste of boarding life. For some, this arrangement provides the best of both worlds – combining family life with the nurturing environment of school boarding when it’s needed most.

A caring home from home: weekly boarding

Weekly boarding provides a full boarding experience for children whose families may live further afield or have demanding schedules – widening access to the outstanding education at St George’s beyond a manageable commute. The structure and routine of weekly boarding provides a familiar and supportive environment in which students can flourish personally and academically. Weekly students enjoy the full schedule of clubs and activities both in the school and in the local community, and benefit from the care and guidance of a professional pastoral team who live alongside them. Weekly boarding gives students an unrivalled opportunity to forge deep friendships across our diverse and international school family, and provides preparation for university life, developing independence, life skills and personal responsibility. Perhaps most importantly, weekly boarding positively impacts the whole family: working parents may focus on career commitments without guilt or anxiety, knowing that their children are benefiting from a world-class education. Children thrive in a dependable, attentive environment where their wellbeing is the primary concern of all staff. Weekends give both parent and child the very best of family life, without conflicting demands on their time or attention.

St. George's Boarding students playing


Boarding life: nurturing the whole child

At St George’s, boarding means so much more than an extension of the school day. Boarding affords us the opportunity to provide our young people with the very best of our care round the clock, supporting their well-being, enhancing their self-esteem, building self-confidence and providing the tools they need to nourish their own mental health throughout their academic life and beyond. As part of our international boarding community, St George’s students learn to become global citizens with a respect for all others. From there, our students gain an appreciation of their true value, and the part they can play in our world’s shared future.

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