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St. George’s boarders take an autumn walk in the vineyards.

It has been getting colder but we have been lucky to still get some sunshine, which makes being outside and enjoying the St. George's campus and walks in the area all the more enjoyable.

St George boarder

This weekend the boarders were busy organizing music sessions, art clubs and quizzes.

On Saturday many of the boarders made use of the good weather and went for walks in the area. A group went down to the lake whilst another group went into the vineyards enjoying the glorious views and colours all around.

We also had an arts & crafts session where some of our younger boarders produced some lovely window decorations.

Autumn hike walk


On Saturday evening the house took part in a kahoot quiz the boarding monitors had prepared. The competition was fierce and excitement was high! Following straight after, a team of St George's Boarders took part in another quiz, this time a fierce competition amongst Inspired Boarding Schools, and came second! Well done St George's Boarders, especially Yago, Alex Z, Cristina, Hannah, Aleks, Emily and Itse who represented us!

On Sunday Karen ran a painting club which was much enjoyed by those who attended. The plan is to continue this each weekend and see the progression of those attending.