IB Diploma Results 2021

The IB Diploma Programme is a challenging two-year curriculum aimed at students aged 16 to 19. This IB qualification is welcomed by leading universities around the world. Our University counsellor is available to guide the students with their subject choices and to provide information about universities.

A school with a personalised learning approach and unique co-curricular programmes. We are incredibly proud of our reputation as a top IB school in Switzerland. We celebrate our 2021 graduates with our highest ever IB Average of 37.1. All twenty-nine students earned their IB diploma through examinations. The global average points for 2021 was 33.02 points which our students have achieved and more.

Historical Data:

2019 – 32.4 IB average, 42 highest point, 100% Pass rate          

2020 - 35.4 IB average, 43 highest point, 100% Pass rate

2021 –37.1 IB average, 45 highest point 100% pass rate

Success stories

Student St Georges


Leonardo Joined St. George’s in Year 5 and has been here for eight years. In his final year, Leonardo was Deputy Head Prefect and hopes to study at the University of Warwick. We are delighted to celebrate with Leonardo his perfect 45 points on the IB Diploma! Congratulations!

IGCSE Results 2021

Congratulations to our IGCSE students on their exceptional results!  This year St George's hosted a full IGCSE examination session.  An incredible 56% of grades awarded were A* or A.  This is a historic high for IGCSE results achieved under examinations.  That this cohort was able to complete the usual exam cycle was already a success but to have achieved such historic results is a testament to student perseverence and academic excellence, continuous learning, outstanding teaching throughout lock down and accessibility for all students to lessons during a period of turbulence.  These students are well prepared for the challenges of life and great success on their IB programme in the next two years.  We look forward to continuing to support and challenge them as they learn, grapple with world issues and become ready for University and beyond.

IGCSE Results
IGCSE Student results


Clara joined St. George’s in Foundation Stage 1 and has been here 13 years. Clara achieved an outstanding 10A*s and 1 A in her IGCSE exams.

"We send huge congratulations to the entire St George's cohort of 2021. We knew our students had the ability, hard work and mock examination experience necessary to exceed all historical data! We are delighted that every single student has earned their IB Diploma through examinations and every single student fully deserves this incredible success."

— Dr David Brooke, IB Coordinator and Head of Senior School