An essential pillar of our curriculum

The performing and creative arts are an essential pillar of our curriculum. Opportunities for artistic expression, encourage our pupils to develop self-confidence and a sense of their own individuality.  

St George's Music School



The music department at St. George’s is vibrant and welcoming. There are many extra-curricular activities on offer for pupils of all age ranges, including orchestras, bands, and choirs. Instrumental and vocal tuition is provided by a team of specialist peripatetic teachers, and we offer pupils the opportunity to prepare for the ABRSM music examinations. Additional classes in piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, woodwind, drums, brass, and vocal training are available. The music department hosts regular concerts and public performances, both in school and within the local community, and all pupils are encouraged to explore and develop their musical talents and interests. 

St. George's Art



Art is a subject where pupils can express themselves in ways that are not always possible in other courses. At St. George's, we encourage pupils to embrace and participate in art classes where they can freely experiment with traditional and modern art forms. We want our pupils to practice art in a way that will help them explore the world around them while they develop creative, problem-solving, and critical skills and learn about art practices in different societies and contexts. 

St George's Drama



The drama department aims to improve creativity and acting ability, while encouraging our pupils to work collaboratively to develop confidence through performance. St. George’s presents a project-based course, in which pupils are exposed to the staging of both scripted and original pieces. Our pupils can take part in the annual whole-school theatre production, which is performed in a local professional venue. Pupils can contribute through performing, or by being part of the backstage team. Trips, workshops, and performances are organised for drama pupils to enhance interest and deepen knowledge. Additional optional extra-curricular activities, such as the Acting Hub club, are available for pupils to further improve their acting skills. 

St. George's Dance



Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child. It helps pupils mature physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. At St. George’s, we create learning opportunities for all pupils to experience a range of dance genres, from Tap to Hip-Hop. The dance department also hosts a dance showcase and competitive dance events, in addition to workshops, trips, and an exciting extra-curricular programme.  

Performing and Creative Arts in the curriculum 

Creative Arts curriculum

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