Curriculum Overview

At St. George's International School, we combine well-structured, traditional ethos with academic excellence in an international environment.

Curriculum overview

Junior School

Our Bilingual Junior School experience is designed to immerse children equally in both English and French. Children access a dual French/English language curriculum in equal division.

Children may join us at any time with various levels of development of English and French. Our school values home language learning and facilitates opportunities in class and outside of school.

Our teachers’ expertise in language acquisition enables every child to enjoy learning through experience and in a caring and supportive environment. We see bilingualism as a process that is unique to every child.

Our bilingual programme is specifically designed to ensure that it is international in its content. Our "Learning means the World" curriculum leads seamlessly into the "Perspectives Globales" course in Middle School.

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Students in maths class


2 boys in Science class

Middle School

Our St. George’s Bilingual or Multilingual Certificate encourages the use of French in and out of school and promotes students’ home language(s), raising the importance of languages within the school community.

From language acquisition to first language levels, students join us at different stages any time of their language development process in both English and French.

As they progress, they develop confidence and cognitive growth. Our "Perspectives Globales" programme in French enables students to build on their language journey. German and Spanish are also introduced and students’ home languages, including German are actively supported.

The Cambridge International curriculum is an important structured pathway towards the students’ Senior School years. Our students are taught in Middle School by the same highly qualified and skilled teachers who teach the Senior School academic programmes that are to come.

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Senior School

Our students come from multiple educational experiences and diverse language backgrounds. Whether they are bilingual /multilingual or they are starting to learn a second language, they progress in an international learning environment and develop language and cultural awareness.

Every student’s language profile is discussed to plan an individualized language pathway to suit their needs and aspirations. We have a deep understanding of multilingual learners and believe that language acquisition and development in at least two languages is essential in today’s academic and professional life.

Our teachers understand every student’s language journey and are committed to supporting their content and language integrated learning. Students join us at any stage of their journey and have equal access to the International Baccalaureate programme in their last two years, before they embark on university.

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multilingualism at stgeorges


St. George's Learning Journey

Academics & Multilingualism

As an International school, St. George’s ensures that all students are well prepared to interact within our multilingual and international world. Studying at St. George’s International School leads to the best university opportunities in Switzerland and abroad.

From beginners to native speakers, students learn in an English and French environment and are encouraged to continue to develop their Home Language skills. Specific support is given to non-English or non-French speakers via our Language Acquisition Programme LAP.

A clear curriculum pathway takes every child from 18 months to 18-19 years old through the successful St. George’s Learning Journey.

With our Admissions Team and our Heads of Junior, Middle and Senior Schools, we conduct a bespoke analysis of every student’s strengths, needs and aspirations to plan a successful journey.

St. George’s International School motto "Levavi Oculos" reminds each one of us that we must lift our eyes to look further and higher, ensuring that all students are well prepared to face our dynamic, multilingual and international world.

Contact our University Guidance Counsellor for detailed information and guidance about access to all universities including Swiss universities.

Liliane Bodenmann

Head of Multilingualism & Intercultural Learning


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