Social Services

Each school year, the students and teachers at St. George’s create and take part in different activities to raise money for education, NGOs and social enterprises around the world. These activities which are organised each term are integral as students put into practice the school values and act as global citizens.

The 4 houses have each become aligned to one charity and will work alongside the Change Makers Club to support their allocated house charity.

Which charity does each house support?

Atalanta House  Refugees locally in Clarens and Chamby. 
Diana House  Together for Burkina Faso aim to improve education opportunities for children and support revenue-increasing activities for women in Burkina Faso.
This foundation has been founded by Kalizeta Ouadraogo, who is a former student of St George’s.  
Minerva House Medair who help provide emergency humanitarian aid around the world.
Vesta House  Cartons du Coeur and Soupe Populaire to help improve food security in the local area.

'The Change Makers Club' has been very successful for the last couple of years. A group of individuals came together to raise money through creative means in order to make a contribution towards many foundations. These different organisations work to enhance the lives of the less fortunate. Many events have taken place to raise awareness and money in the past, the recent Charity day supporting Burkina Faso shows just how easy it is, through creative ideas, to make a huge difference in the world. We hope as the club progresses and develops more people will get involved and help continue serving towards the greater good. ‘

-Change Makers Club