Performings Arts

At St. George's International School, students are nurtured and inspired through the Performing Arts. Performing Arts allows students to become more confident and self assured. St. George’s has an all-inclusive policy within the performing arts and every student is a valued performer. St. George's is aligned with the Inspired Education Philosophy and students are exposed to all 3 disciplines of Music, Dance and Drama building a holistic understanding of the world of performing arts.


Students at St. George's will learn a variety of dance styles through the projects they undertake. The projects they study will allow them to explore a range of cultures, techniques and skills. All dance classes are taught by a specialist dance teacher. The curriculum is based on the three inter-related processes of performing, composing and appreciating dance. All students will be given opportunities to perform to an audience within whole school productions, dance showcases and whole school assemblies. Projects will include studying a range of dance such as Bollywood, Jazz, Contemporary, Street Break, Contact Improvisation, Ballet, Tap and Musical Theatre. 



Studying drama encourages students to be more expressive and develops collaborative skills as well as leadership and organizational skills.

Drama is embedded into the curriculum with every class from year 1 having a weekly drama class taught by a specialist drama teacher, as well as offering IGCSE drama as a subject option year 10.

The curriculum includes improvisational skills, characterization, stagecraft, devised and scripted plays.

Students may also become involved in the annual production (both onstage and offstage) as well as in-house drama projects and showcases throughout the academic year.

Students from Year 7-9 will be further extended with weekly classes in public speaking.