Traditional ethos in an international environment Philosophy and objectives


St. George's International School in Switzerland is a day and boarding school of approximately 400 students providing a complete educational programme in English with an increasingly French bilingual approach for children aged 3 to 19.

Founded as a British school, we uphold long established values and maintain high moral standards for students of all nationalities in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. We are accredited to a number of world-renowned educational bodies.

We uphold traditional values and maintain high moral standards for students of all nationalities in a safe and spectacular French-speaking region of Switzerland.


Our aims

  • To provide a caring, supportive and nurturing environment
  • To respect and value each student's individuality and ability
  • To challenge, stimulate and encourage students to pursue goals
  • To enable the development of physical, social and affective potentials
  • To promote awareness of our multilingual society reflected in the breadth of the curriculum offered
  • To foster intellectual curiosity and develop a desire for lifelong learning
  • To empower confidence and critical thinking
  • To reinforce social responsibility and a concern for and appreciation of others
  • To equip students both academically and socially for progression to universities and other institutions of further learning and the world beyond
  • To cultivate an appreciation of diverse cultures


Our methods

  • We provide a structure of sport, academic and pastoral support for both day & boarding students within the school through the House and Tutor system
  • We have established a discipline structure which gives stability and reinforces positive and praise-worthy attitudes with our Prefects and Monitors as role models
  • We work closely with parents in order to foster strategies to assist, help and advise students
  • We acknowledge different learning styles and offer effective assessment to identify and develop students' qualities
  • We monitor students and provide assistance for those who require support in their learning
  • We encourage involvement in all aspects of school life and provide opportunities for students to contribute to the local community
  • We continually revise the co-curricular programme so that it reflects the students' interests and allows them to develop initiatives whilst maintaining a balance between academics, sports, creative activities and community service. We promote knowledge, understanding, acceptance and respect for other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles
  • We endeavour to provide appropriate facilities and materials for effective learning to take place within the classroom and beyond it
  • We recruit and retain an internationally-minded faculty and staff of the highest quality and encourage their continued professional development
  • We prepare students for Cambridge International Examinations' IGCSE examinations, the International Baccalaureate Organisations' Diploma Programme and our High School Diploma Programme